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When it comes to logos, colors, fonts, and graphics for your brand, I believe that working smarter, not harder is a great policy.

There are SO many resources out there that offer options for logo design, font choices, and graphics. Gone are the days when paying thousands of dollars for a logo is necessary.  I am not saying that you shouldn’t invest well in that part of your brand…it’s a super-important investment, obviously.  However, the route to get access to that investment is now at your fingertips. The world is filled with a large variety of talented individuals who are digital/graphic artists. They have chosen to display their art and skills on the convenient websites available to consumers and entrepreneurs just like you and me.

We are so grateful for this digital share, because in a matter of minutes, you can access thousands of designs and creativity to inspire you and guide you through the visual branding process.

This is not a process you should necessary take on alone. It is helpful to have a second pair of eyes on the creative process to help narrow down the options and bring a fresh insight to what is possible for using a design. I believe that everyone should consistently have a second pair of eyes on their brand…it’s called perspective. Perspective is essential. Whether that second pair of eyes is your friend, family member, colleague, or [paid] branding consultant…it must be someone whose viewpoint you trust to be completely honest and raw with you.  

Choosing a logo and other visual details of your brand is like choosing the thing that will REPRESENT you when you are not around. It speaks FOR you and your brand.  It will be on everything you print and will weave itself into all that visually represents you. It’s important. It matters. Every things visual in your brand stems from it. 

Yes, you can hire a designer to custom-design a logo for you.  That is a viable, great option to discuss in a different blog post, BUT there other ways to get a logo as well.  

For the sake of working with intention and staying focused, this post will target specific resources that will be options to SERVE YOU well in the visual brand journey of logo design etc. 
Let’s get to it.


With almost 21 million Royalty-Free Vector Images, there are endless options to get you inspired and you might even find you ideal logo in the mix.
Some people even take 2-3 different graphics to combine to make the ideal logo and graphics that will speak perfectly for their brand.
You can search by specific topic or design and it will help narrow down the pool of options. Also, you can purchase the rights to the graphics and with that is included all the file types you need to customize as you need.
There is an options to click “LIKE” and it will add to a favorites section so you can go back and review your preferences.


This website is a font mania of options! So many to choose from and delight your inspiration. You can filter your search very easily to help narrow down the process.
One of the best features is that you can type in the exact text you want to use in the logo or graphics and see how the font looks for your word grouping.



Very similar to


Helps identify a font by uploading an image. Amazing!


Free font options.

If you are looking for a ONE-STOP-SHOP for all things logos, fonts, graphics, layouts, mockups, check out the follow websites! SO many fun options to explore!




If you want to access even more logo/graphic information and resources this THIS POST by Jacob Cass. It’s loaded with super-valuable content!

Have FUN!

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