INSTAGRAM Hack (less than 10k followers)


(1) Make ONE story panel (PANEL 1) for IG Stories to put the SWIPE UP GIF/Sticker…use the same panel for the IGTV video cover.
See EXAMPLE below:

(2) Make ONE story panel (PANEL 2) that is VERY simple, and has an arrow pointing up on it. The text on this panel should be at a specific Call-To-Action. (for example: “Download FREE [fill-in-the-blank] PDF,” OR “Click LINK to REGISTER,” OR “Visit website [or blog],”….etc.)

(3) Make sure both panels are saved to your Camera Roll on your phone.

(4) Convert the PANEL 2 into a 1-minute panel video using In-Shot app (per my instructions in the workshop).

WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn how to make a 1-minute panel video for IGTV:

(5) Upload the 1-minute Panel video to IGTV and use PANEL 1 as your Cover Image for the video. Click Next…

(6) Put in your Call-To-Action in the Title section (for example: “Click HERE to Download,” OR “Click HERE to REGISTER,” OR “Click HERE for BLOG”….etc.). MAKE SURE to include the blue and white “down arrow” emoji at the end of your Call-To-Action.

(7) Put the DIRECT LINK where you are sending people in the Description section.

(8) Choose whether you want to “Post a Preview” of the video in your IG grid. I usually don’t recommend this, but you can choose for yourself.

(9) Click POST. Now that you have our video posted to IGTV, open the Instagram app.

(10) Go to post a STORY and choose the PANEL 1 again.

(11) Add a SWIPE UP GIF to the panel. Make sure it’s very visible!
See EXAMPLE below:

(12) Then, click the LINK icon that is between the circle smiley face and the square smiley face at the top.

(13) Click “+ IGTV Video.”

(14) Select the video you want to LINK TO…then, click DONE.

(15) Click “Your Story” at the very bottom left, and then you are done.

NOTE: Once you have added the video to IGTV, you can post the PANEL 1 as many times as you want to direct people to it. Just do Steps 10-15 for that link from that point forward. Easy-Peasy.

GREAT VIDEO to explain it:
Side note…you will need a 1-minute video clip instead of a 15 second click. You will understand when you watch the video.

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