Ready??? Let’s do this!
Get a “SEMESTER’S WORTH” of IMAGE-BRANDING & PHOTOGRAPHY crash-course focusing on the Smartphone you use daily…all in one Workshop! It will transform your business and the way others see your brand!


This is a fast-paced workshop, jam-packed with teaching and hands-on experience in lighting, composition, angles, apps, and more. Social media image strategy will be covered as well.

Each attendee walks away with:
* HARD-COPY NOTES from the workshop, so that each attendee does not NEED to take any…unless they simply desire to
* Go-to TRIPOD/SELFIESTICK (with Bluetooth remote) that is a must-have to achieve the best results
* Skills to confidently take your own headshots/selfies
* Tips and tricks for product/object photography (for entrepreneurs or for personal)
* Knowledge to set up street photography
* Valuable and useable tips and tricks for using all the skills to network better than ever before
* Access to the private Facebook group for ongoing inspiration, support, and photo ideas


  • Multiple dates and locations available in the Houston area and beyond.
  • The full address of the location for the workshop will be sent to you in a confirmation email after registration.
  • Prepayment is required for registration.
  • If one of the existing workshops on the schedule does not fit your timeslot needs, please inquire about the option of a One-To-One VIP Session with Kelly. CLICK HERE to contact her to schedule one.
  • ALSO, you have the option to HOST one of YOUR OWN GROUP WORKSHOPS, and earn YOUR own registration for FREE. CLICK HERE to find out more.
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