Story GIFs

Social Media Stories are a powerful way to communicate your message in the form a “sound bite” or a quick visual snapshot.  Stories are the “behind-the-scenes” of your brand. It’s a way to show the world all the tiny things that you have to offer and what you are up to. Your audience gets to be a “fly-on-the-wall” of your life via Stories.

One of the fun things about Stories is that you can be as creative as you’d like when posting.  The story panels only last for 24 hours, so there is no real commitment to your posting. Have as much fun as you want. The only caveat I would throw in is….KEEP IT SIMPLE! There is some strategy to it.

Remember…people are goldfish. They cannot take in too much as once.  Their attention span is INCREDIBLY short.  They go through Stories just as fast as their regular newsfeed, so you will need to apply the same understanding to Stories as the newsfeed when it comes to posting.  People won’t read a ton in Stories. They just won’t. If you post a photo and pair that photo with text, understand that if the text is too busy, they won’t read it, so you have wasted your time in typing it out. Make it SUPER easy to read and keep it short. There are exceptions to this. I sometimes post a flyer to Stories like the ones below.

It has a lot of text, BUT the story panel BEFORE it will be incredibly simple, and will intentionally lead into the busier one. It might have a solid background with one word and arrow pointing right. That way, they know what is coming. Often times, they will save the flyer highlight to their camera roll, so they can read all the info later or will send it to a friend via PM.

Today, I am going to talk specifically about GIFs and how they can enhance the Story experience and messaging. You can use GIF’s in SO many ways.

You can use them:

  • to create a fun little scene on the panel.
  • to enhance a word or bring attention to a message.
  • for calls to actions…like adding GIF arrows.
  • to add humor and playfulness to the panel.
  • to draw special attention to something already on your panel.
  • to decorate the panel.
  • to show your creativity.

Here’s how to ADD A GIF to your panel. When you go to post a story, look for the SQUARE with the SMILEY FACE in it. Click on that.
FACEBOOK >> You will see tabs at the top that say “Stickers” “GIFs” & “Emojis.” Click on GIFs. Then, you will be able to search by type or category of the GIF you are wanting. Remember, these GIF’s are not like the ones in your keyboard. They are just small, moving objects that you can add. They are like moving stickers.

INSTAGRAM >> You will see the GIF feature on the panel. Click on it. Then, you will be able to search by type or category of the GIF you are wanting. Remember, these GIF’s are not like the ones in your keyboard. They are just small, moving objects that you can add. They are like moving stickers.

I am always looking for fun GIFs to make the experience of adding a panel more fun. See below for some that are really great! Simply type these into the search and explore the GIF options.


Visual Brand Made Easy

When it comes to logos, colors, fonts, and graphics for your brand, I believe that working smarter, not harder is a great policy.

There are SO many resources out there that offer options for logo design, font choices, and graphics. Gone are the days when paying thousands of dollars for a logo is necessary.  I am not saying that you shouldn’t invest well in that part of your brand…it’s a super-important investment, obviously.  However, the route to get access to that investment is now at your fingertips. The world is filled with a large variety of talented individuals who are digital/graphic artists. They have chosen to display their art and skills on the convenient websites available to consumers and entrepreneurs just like you and me.

We are so grateful for this digital share, because in a matter of minutes, you can access thousands of designs and creativity to inspire you and guide you through the visual branding process.

This is not a process you should necessary take on alone. It is helpful to have a second pair of eyes on the creative process to help narrow down the options and bring a fresh insight to what is possible for using a design. I believe that everyone should consistently have a second pair of eyes on their brand…it’s called perspective. Perspective is essential. Whether that second pair of eyes is your friend, family member, colleague, or [paid] branding consultant…it must be someone whose viewpoint you trust to be completely honest and raw with you.  

Choosing a logo and other visual details of your brand is like choosing the thing that will REPRESENT you when you are not around. It speaks FOR you and your brand.  It will be on everything you print and will weave itself into all that visually represents you. It’s important. It matters. Every things visual in your brand stems from it. 

Yes, you can hire a designer to custom-design a logo for you.  That is a viable, great option to discuss in a different blog post, BUT there other ways to get a logo as well.  

For the sake of working with intention and staying focused, this post will target specific resources that will be options to SERVE YOU well in the visual brand journey of logo design etc. 
Let’s get to it.


With almost 21 million Royalty-Free Vector Images, there are endless options to get you inspired and you might even find you ideal logo in the mix.
Some people even take 2-3 different graphics to combine to make the ideal logo and graphics that will speak perfectly for their brand.
You can search by specific topic or design and it will help narrow down the pool of options. Also, you can purchase the rights to the graphics and with that is included all the file types you need to customize as you need.
There is an options to click “LIKE” and it will add to a favorites section so you can go back and review your preferences.


This website is a font mania of options! So many to choose from and delight your inspiration. You can filter your search very easily to help narrow down the process.
One of the best features is that you can type in the exact text you want to use in the logo or graphics and see how the font looks for your word grouping.



Very similar to


Helps identify a font by uploading an image. Amazing!


Free font options.

If you are looking for a ONE-STOP-SHOP for all things logos, fonts, graphics, layouts, mockups, check out the follow websites! SO many fun options to explore!




If you want to access even more logo/graphic information and resources this THIS POST by Jacob Cass. It’s loaded with super-valuable content!

Have FUN!


INSTAGRAM Hack (less than 10k followers)


(1) Make ONE story panel (PANEL 1) for IG Stories to put the SWIPE UP GIF/Sticker…use the same panel for the IGTV video cover.
See EXAMPLE below:

(2) Make ONE story panel (PANEL 2) that is VERY simple, and has an arrow pointing up on it. The text on this panel should be at a specific Call-To-Action. (for example: “Download FREE [fill-in-the-blank] PDF,” OR “Click LINK to REGISTER,” OR “Visit website [or blog],”….etc.)

(3) Make sure both panels are saved to your Camera Roll on your phone.

(4) Convert the PANEL 2 into a 1-minute panel video using In-Shot app (per my instructions in the workshop).

WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn how to make a 1-minute panel video for IGTV:

(5) Upload the 1-minute Panel video to IGTV and use PANEL 1 as your Cover Image for the video. Click Next…

(6) Put in your Call-To-Action in the Title section (for example: “Click HERE to Download,” OR “Click HERE to REGISTER,” OR “Click HERE for BLOG”….etc.). MAKE SURE to include the blue and white “down arrow” emoji at the end of your Call-To-Action.

(7) Put the DIRECT LINK where you are sending people in the Description section.

(8) Choose whether you want to “Post a Preview” of the video in your IG grid. I usually don’t recommend this, but you can choose for yourself.

(9) Click POST. Now that you have our video posted to IGTV, open the Instagram app.

(10) Go to post a STORY and choose the PANEL 1 again.

(11) Add a SWIPE UP GIF to the panel. Make sure it’s very visible!
See EXAMPLE below:

(12) Then, click the LINK icon that is between the circle smiley face and the square smiley face at the top.

(13) Click “+ IGTV Video.”

(14) Select the video you want to LINK TO…then, click DONE.

(15) Click “Your Story” at the very bottom left, and then you are done.

NOTE: Once you have added the video to IGTV, you can post the PANEL 1 as many times as you want to direct people to it. Just do Steps 10-15 for that link from that point forward. Easy-Peasy.

GREAT VIDEO to explain it:
Side note…you will need a 1-minute video clip instead of a 15 second click. You will understand when you watch the video.