Responsibility of Influence

There are different types and levels of influence. We are not all Martin Luther King Jr. We don’t all have big speeches to give on a massive, global platform. Oh wait! Isn’t that what social media is…a massive global platform? Gone are the days when your influence was only who you happened to see in-personContinue reading “Responsibility of Influence”

Influencer Beyond the Number

What does it mean to have influence? Do we really grasp the impact of having true influence? This article talks about the main reasons that most seek out the “INFLUENCER” ‘title’ on social media and beyond: Fame motive makes people want to be stars. It seems that, as ordinary users, our time on social mediaContinue reading “Influencer Beyond the Number”

Get Their Attention on Social

This is the elephant-in-the-room topic that so many entrepreneurs and small business owners wish they could avoid…and, understandably, many do avoid it all together.What if all the mystery behind social media could be wiped away, and all you were left with was a powerful tool to connect with your audience and build relationships with them?Well,Continue reading “Get Their Attention on Social”