Small Changes…Massive Impact

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#Peace comes from the inside.
But it also comes from making strategic changes in your life that shift you towards a life of purpose…YOUR purpose! Small shifts!
In early November, I made a small shift. I have always wanted to be a morning person. Sadly, I was terrible at it…have always been terrible at it. What I discovered this year is that change does not have to be massive to make a massive impact. It can be very small, in fact. I decided that if I was going to make real, long-term change, then I would have to do it 1 degree at a time…one shift at a time.
Plan of action:
My ultimate goal is to be a 5:30a person…every single day. I KNOW there is no way I was going to achieve that by simply setting my clock to that time and willing myself out of bed. The way I am going to BE a 5:30 person is to FIRST, be a 6:30 person, then, a 6:15 person, then, a 6a person, and so on. If I move my clock back a mere 15 minutes every month, it will take me 4 months to achieve my ultimate goal. By the end of March, I will be a 5:30 person. And guess what?!? With each 15 minutes I shift in the morning, I am GAINING 5,475 minutes a YEAR of productivity! So by the time I reach my ultimate goal, I will add 21,900 minutes of productivity to my life EVERY YEAR! AMAZING! I wish I would have started this sooner, BUT TODAY is my current life, and TODAY is when it’s happening! I am READY TODAY! I have found so much peace in my shift!! I live my shift!
Ever since I shifted back to 6:30a, I am in SHOCK of all the time I have now during the ENTIRE day to accomplish my other goals! I am in shock of all I have accomplished already simply by making a small shift!
What small SHIFT would YOU want to make for your future self?  And what is your ultimate goal?
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Small changes

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