I recently journeyed to beautiful St. Lucia for a friend’s wedding! It was magical! It was exactly what I needed…a get-away with my hubby and amazing friends. Do you know what it also had…12 RESTAURANTS in the ALL-INCLUSIVE resort! Oh dear. I have to admit…being in a “controlled environment” like that did help with portion-sizes, BUT they also had…desserts. I have a sweet-tooth. [#ConfessionTime] I LOVE crepes!!!


I am so grateful that I have such a powerful tool that catches me when I have a momentary carb-fall! Whew!

[sign] Vacation and keto…can these 2 beasts really go hand-in-hand?? Hmmm…I recently knocked on the door of my own brain about this pesky topic.  #TookTheHonestyPill

Why do I sometimes give my healthy habits a “vacation” while jetting off to a tropical oasis of sandy beaches in paradise?
Why do I tend to “put a tack” in good eating habits for a week for the sake of…”Hey! I am on vacation! Live a little.” Why is making healthy choices NOT “living?” Isn’t making healthy choices more about being “ALIVE” than the alternative? #FoodForThought #PunIntended
Why let it all go for the sake of kicking back and pampering oneself?

I am not sure if you experience this, but I have battled with this as long as I can remember.
Could it be that living healthy is too restricting?
Could it be that it is challenging to maintain while traveling?
Is it just the difference between a determined long-term lifestyle of good health choices before boarding the plane to clear waters and palm trees versus simply a crash diet and quickie-fix to an outward goal?

What is it that makes the brain shift?  “It’s just a few days of indulgence,” I tell myself. The struggle is real. I have a feeling that I am not alone in the struggle. Am I right?

Here is what IS real…it’s just not reality to expect perfection in vacation healthwise. I know…I know. If you have truly actualized and have achieved absolute perfection in this life…this article might drive you nutzo. What can I say? #TruthHurts


Am I endorsing that everyone should just abandon everything they have worked so hard to achieve with their health and wellness simply, because they are spending a few days outside their usual routine and surroundings. Absolutely not. I truly believe that every meal, every day is a chance to take one decision at a time towards better.  It IS possible to make healthy decisions no matter where you venture. Here is the clencher…our world is JUST recently getting introduced to the concept of “keto” on a level that is focused on daily health and wellness. Some countries figured it out. #France

It would be ideal to go anywhere, and have all the perfect choices lined out and available, so we don’t have to overcome the status quo. The status quo is carbs. Carbs are everywhere. To say that carbs are in abundance is a massive understatement. Next time you sit down to a restaurant menu, be hyper-aware of the focus…trust me…it’s carbs. Carbs are cheap…filling…and have volume. They take up lots of plate space, so it appears that you are getting more for your money. #Deceiving

Try ordering keto-style…it takes know-how, discipline, and persistence. I am not saying it’s impossible. It’s absolutely doable…it’s just not what most people would consider “easy.” You have to really want to make it happen. #WorthIt
It will take modifications to your order. It will take willpower to get beyond the comments of others who are not living keto.  And THAT is what reality looks like in our USUAL routines and environments.


Humans are creatures of habit. We love to have a “usual.” The need for a safety-zone is commonplace. What happens, though, when you are COMPLETELY out of your norm…your normal eating…your normal sleeping…your normal daily routine…your normal activities…what happens?  We tend to go for what makes us comfortable when we are out of our normal zone. Well, at least, I do. That is me. I have traveled to several places during my own keto journey.  Without fail, I will be in a situation where all the scenarios are not ideal keto.  Do I completely cave? Not 100%. I do my very best to adhere to what I know is going to make me feel my best. But is it perfect? Nope. Do I count macros? Nope. Do I want everyone around me to travel to the ends of the earth and change their plans to accommodate my needs? No way. I like to go with the flow when I travel. I like to be flexible. That is why I have chosen a #KetoFlex lifestyle.

My goals are not exactly like another person. We are all different. I want to enjoy myself while still feeling amazing and energetic. I take one decision at a time…one meal at a time. I make the very best choices I can, while still enjoying and experiencing the different cultures of the world around me.


Want to know my trick? It’s something that makes my entire health journey possible no matter where life takes me. It makes keto possible in every environment…on every schedule-shift. I eat the very closest I can to keto….and I drink exogenous ketones every single day without fail. It’s a game-changer! I love how easy it is to travel with these powerful little packets of #Better fuel. It keeps everything in line. I do drink it every day in my normal life too, but for traveling, it’s THE magic tool. Trust me!


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NOTE: Watch “The Magic Pill” on Netflix. For reals!

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