I started this amazing journey on February 17, 2017. All through 2016, I battled with extreme fatigue, brain fog, weight gain that I couldn’t stop, and restless sleep. My late 30’s were not looking as bright as I wanted it to.

I am a “naturalist.”  I am NOT a fan of medications, Big Pharm, reliance on doctors etc. So, the fact that I was on the verge of seeking out a “sleeping aid” will tell you how miserable I was in that area. I was desperate to sleep better. It was highly affecting my daytime activity level. I wanted to feel better so badly…overall.
I was working out a lot…I even had a personal trainer.  In the effort of doing all the things that USED to work…however, nothing was helping. Then, one of my closest and most trusted friends starting posting on Facebook about her “#majikdrink.”

This was her post. No photo…nothing. It was simple and powerful!
“So FREAKING excited!!!! Guess who is down -6 pounds since Saturday!!!!! All I did was add this little drink to what I am currently doing! Happy to share!!!! Just ask! #majikdrink”
My curiosity took me the next step. I asked her, “What in the WORLD is THAT?”
She told me it was ketones.  I laughed and said…”NO WAY!”
Just so you know…I am a HUGE skeptic.  She knows this about me and knows I overthink everything. Oh dear. She lived really close by, so she said to me, “If I have to come over there and pour it down your throat myself, I will.  You need this stuff, sista!”  Out of fear for my pried-open jaw, I agreed to try some for 5 days. No commitment. Well…from day ONE of drinking ketones, everything changed. It shocked me! My brain turned on. It was like someone blew the fog through my ears out the other side. I didn’t have a midday slump for the first time in months. My mood was WAY up. I had way more energy than I ever imagined. And to my surprise, I didn’t have jitters, nor did I crash. I slept like a ROCK that night for the first time in YEARS. It blew my mind! I called my friend back and said, “So, um yeah. How do I NOT run out of this stuff? I don’t even care if there is crack in this. LOL”
My initial body goal was to lose the “last 10 pounds.” Well, in 2.5 months, I have lost 3 dress sizes, 21 pounds gone, no more weird bloat, ENDLESS steady energy…no more midday slumps, INCREDIBLE high-quality sleep…every night, sharp-as-a-tack mental clarity, amazing relationships with an incredible community of people…and endless possibilities for career growth! That career stuff came about simply because I was telling everyone I could about what ketones were doing for me.
Before & After
I have been asked to join COUNTLESS networking marketing companies throughout the years, and NONE impacted my life in such a profound way like this one. It just made sense for the first time. I LOVE how simple the product is. I LOVE even more how powerful it is! It changed my life completely, and I wanted everyone in my path to experience that same level of impact in their own life.
I created this website/blog to share my story…share my journey…and share my love for the #KetoKonversation!  This is only the very beginning of what I believe will be the biggest impact to the health and wellness community the world has ever seen. Just wait!Want to join me in this mission for better? Your future-self will thank you! Trust me!
~Kelly Buckner

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