Since my daughter was born, I knew this day would come…the infamous journey to Disneyworld. To be very honest, I am not a HUGE “amusement park fan.” THERE! I said it. I went to Disney when I as VERY young and I only have a couple snapshot memories of it. MEMORY ONE…the HUGE Epcot ball. I remember seeing that. I took a childhood mental snapshot.  MEMORY TWO…I remember hugging a denim-covered man’s leg while waiting in line for something, and then turning around to realize that it was not my dad’s leg I was hugging. How did I realize that?  My dad was only a couple feet away and was laughing. [sigh]  My thought was, “If he is over there…who and I hugging?” I looked up at the mystery man, and sure enough, it was not my dad. I must have gotten lost in a daydream while wandering around in line, and then grabbed the closest man’s leg I could find that resembled my dad’s denim leg.  See?? Not that fun of memories when it comes to Disney. I digress.


Also, I frequented Astroworld [in Houston, TX] when I was young…even had the ‘necessary’ season pass that all my other friends had. Did I just age myself by saying Astroworld. RIP, ol’ friend! RIP.  Anywho, there is one day at that beloved theme park that will be forever etched in my ever-aging brain. It’s the day I arrived for what was supposed to be a SUPER FUN DAY with my bestie and another gal, but alas, it was destined to be just the opposite.  I arrived bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with my brother and his buddy. The plan was to meet my friends at the gate at a certain time. These were the days before the convenience of cell phones…etc. See where I am going with this story?? hmmm. My brother knew that I was meeting friends, so I sat myself at the front gate, while he and his friend went on there merry way to the land of excitement. I waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. My friends did not show up. Well, they DID show up…several hours later than planned. BUT I had already given up waiting. It was hot. I was hungry. I had to go to the restroom…stuff like that. During all this, we missed each other. Note: Cell phones are so nice. Onward with the story. We didn’t have the luxury of that level of “nice” back then. I ended up walking around ALL day long solo. I rode rides solo. I ate solo. I just KNEW that I would miraculously bump into my friends at some point in the day…it just never happened. I didn’t even run back in to my brother and his friend until 10p that night at the front gate. I know….I know…you are thinking….good GRIEF, Kelly! That is some sad stuff right there. Well, yes…it’s pretty pathetic. And if my daughter ever experiences something like this, I will implode. But we have cell phones now, so…that’s that.

Here are the 5 things I learned from all this:
(1) I am not a fan of amusement parks in general.
(2) It’s hot in Houston.
(3) Cell phones are great.
(4) Amusement parks are meant to be experienced TOGETHER…with people you enjoy!
(5) Disney is not an amusement park…it’s MAGICLAND! It’s in a league all by itself. I am a fan of magical places, evidently!


I vowed that I would not take my daughter to Disney until she was old enough to REALLY enjoy it…and remember it. We thought of taking her last year when she was 7, but we opted out. I am so glad we waited one more year. This summer, she JUST became tall enough to ride all the “big girl” rides as well as walk around the 4 parks without being carried or needing a wagon due to tired feet and whininess.  I am on the other hand am no longer a spry 25 year old with boundless energy etc. I need all the “assistance” I can get when it comes to energy, mood, mental clarity, strength, and patience.

I turned 40 this summer and this mama needs her #MommyJuice to survive the journey that Disney…no matter HOW magical it is. #KetonesForTheWin. I packed up my clear backpack with all my essentials, but all I really needed was my fastpass band, my iPhone, my port-a-charger, and ketones. Everything else is fluff…and I do like fluff sometimes (i.e. mama’s security blanket). As long as I can get my hands on a trusty skaker cup with ice and water, OR a cold bottle of water, this mama is happy, energized, and ready to take on anything that the #MostMagicalPlaceOnEarth can dish out to me.



Ok…I can’t resist…I was a wedding photographer for 6 years and I am obsessed with taking photos of everything. Seriously…everything.  Brace yourself for photo-overload. You might need a to block of some time for this….can’t say I didn’t warn you.







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