What do YOU know about ketones and ketosis??

Ketosis is the body’s natural way to use its own fat stores for fuel instead of using carbs (glucose). WATCH THIS (Don’t worry…it’s only 4 minutes):
Ketones are the brain fuel that the human body uses to maximize performance on a multitude of levels. Glucose is the lesser fuel. It’s similar to going to “unleaded fuel” to premium fuel.”
Most people have not experienced ketosis since they were born due to our carb-heavy diets. Every human is born into ketosis. It’s how we were created…it’s our native state.  Breastmilk has ketones in it. Therefore, children who are breastfed are in ketosis. As soon as babies switch to formula or food, they are no longer in ketosis and they use glucose for fuel from that point forward.
The ultimate goal is to tap back into that primary/native fuel source, because it’s how the body functions best…optimally.
When you are in an active state of ketosis, ketones are released into the blood from the liver. This is the ENDOGENOUS way to achieve ketosis.
There are 2-3 ways to tap into this optimal fuel source.
(1) You can achieve ketosis with a VERY strict keto diet…zero flexibility. It is possible, but it’s not easy to master. Eating keto-style takes a great deal of commitment, discipline, will-power, and planning. It is a very delicate balance of macronutrients over a long period of time.
(2) You can also achieve ketosis by working (TONS of STRENGTH-TRAINING) out 4-6 hours a day. Good luck with that.
(3) My preference: You can consume one drink a day of pure therapeutic ketones…EXOGENOUS ketones…BHB.
Our society is completely addicted to carbohydrates. It’s a proven, scientific fact that carbs/sugar is a stronger addiction than crack cocaine.  [Watch “The Magic Pill” on Netflix.] When the body is biohacked into ketosis (whether ENDOGENOUSLY or EXOGENOUSLY), the “fuel tank” changes. The body and brain can THEN use fat for fuel/energy, instead of carbs. That is so powerful!
When this happens, a reprogramming takes place. That reprogramming affects everyone differently. I consider that first 2 weeks to 30 days like a detox.  I, personally, experienced about 2 days of the “keto-flu.” which is simply the feeling of slight nausea, fatigue, achiness, brain fog, back aches, etc.).  Some people never even experience “keto-flu” symptoms at all.  If you do experience it, you need to make SURE to stay in ketosis (whether with diet or drinking ketones consistently), up your water intake throughout the day, and push forward…you will feel like a MACHINE on the other side. It’s INCREDIBLE!!  I haven’t slept this good in…ever.
Also, ketones curb your hunger and cravings, so you are eating less volume at sit-down meals, and you have MUCH less desire to snack on carbs.  It’s optimal to eat a high unsaturated-fat/moderate protein/low carb lifestyle to better facilitate ketosis. When you are drinking ketones every day, it’s not absolutely required to count your macros perfectly to be in ketosis, because KETO//MAX puts the body in that state. HOWEVER, you will experience even GREATER level of body performance, and you will feel even better if you increase your good fats and lower your carbs. Keep your proteins moderate. Don’t overdue the proteins.
Staying in ketosis with the eating lifestyle is very possible…it’s simply not easy…at all. You will need to learn, plan, stay very focused, and execute stellar commitment to the cause.
I started my keto journey by drinking ketones every day. Overtime, I slowly moved into a keto-eating lifestyle. Some people begin their journey with the eating part. Everyone enters their keto journey from various ways.  The key is that you start. Start! It’s truly a journey…a baby-steps journey.  I am more keto-ish. I do not personally count macros, because I simply do not have to. I just make one choice at a time to lean heavily towards a keto way of being.  CHOOSE YOUR BETTER!
This is what I love about combining the exogenous ketones WITH the keto eating lifestyle. It allows for life to happen. Sometimes life just happens and sometimes life just doesn’t provide a way to live perfect keto 100% of the time. It just doesn’t. Try traveling. Try going to a party. Try living through the Holidays. Try having children in your home. Need I list more?? Life is not perfect. BUT, by consuming KETO//MAX once a day, you get in the highest state of ketosis within as little as 30 minutes…every single day…guaranteed. It’s about making one choice at a time. It all adds up to one big life of BETTER!
It doesn’t work that way with only eating keto.  As soon as you consume too many carbs, you would no longer be in ketosis and would have to start all over. FYI: It takes about 2-3 to get into ketosis eating perfect keto. Who wants to be limited to that box forever? Not ME!! I am a busy mom, wife, and entrepreneur who needs some flexibility.  I want to have all my options to achieve my best self every day.  Each has it’s own set up roadblocks. I choose to be equipped with a bulldozer AND an agile sportscar to be to plow through my obstacles and maneuver quickly around the turns of life. 
We all need something…it’s so good to know that there is a real tool out there that can truly give us the energy, mood, sleep, willpower, direction, and sheer excitement of BETTER! That tool is KETO!



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